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Comark Field Service Options
Sometimes it pays to call in the experts

Whether you are looking for assistance in performing routine transmitter maintenance or struggling with a particularly elusive problem, Comark has the right field support option for you.

Call upon Comark's years of expertise in high power television transmission and its highly trained group of transmitter and RF experts. The same field service engineers that install and commission new Comark transmitters are available to visit your site on a paid basis. These technicians are specialists who work exclusively on TV Transmitter systems year round, so you can be assured that your transmitter maintenance task(s) will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call on Comark for help with any of the following maintenance tasks:

Yearly proof of performance or transmitter tune-up

Installation and tuning new IOT

Cooling system flush

Sweep of RF System and antenna

Calorimetric calibration of system power meters

On-site training

High voltage troubleshooting with Comark rental hipot test set

Diagnosis of a particularly difficult problem

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(includes IOT Tuning Simulator)
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